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top informative speech topics for college

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The simplest definition of an informative speech is that it is a speech delivered by a speaker to any given audience, about any process, event, object or topic, with the objective to make them understand and remember what is being said to them.

In a typical college homework or assignment on an informative speech topic, students are required to select an appropriate topic for their assignment on informative speech, do adequate research on the topic and gather sufficient information about it from online articles, blogs, encyclopedias and journals and present a speech which would last roughly 4 to 6 minutes, unless otherwise specified by your professor. If you select a topic that is considered too broad, you may not be able to complete your speech within the stipulated time. However if you select a more specific topic, you should be able to make it within the given time. A good example of a 'broad' informative speech topic can be 'Wild animals in Australia', whereas a'narrow' and more specific topic can be 'Kangaroos'. The ideas is go as specific as possible so that you are able to successfully deliver your informative speech on the topic of your choice within the given timeframe.


A good informative speech topic is one where you can clearly grab and hold the attention of your audience. The informative topic should also be one which is interesting to the audience, so much so that they will want to know more about it and will actively participate in trying to understand what the speaker is trying to convey to them. Such engagement with the audience will help them to understand the topic better and achieve our objective of getting them to remember what was said to them.

Try to choose a good informative speech topic so that it will keep your target audience engaged, entertained, educated and informed. Condidering the fact that the average attention-span of an adult ispretty short before they get bored and lose track, it is important that you leverage this timeframe to deliver maximum value to your customers. Otherwise, they might end up getting bored and may not be able to focus and assimilate what you are telling them.

Understand your audience and consider their primary interests, age groups, expertise and knowledge levels when you choose a good informative speech topic for them. The time you spend in doing your due diligence before selecting an informative topic will be time well spent and can spell the difference between success and failure of your informative speech.


The same principles of selecting a good informative speech topic apply when you have to select an informative speech topic for college students. It is important to understand the existing knowledge-levels of the intended audience about the subject, their interests and objectives before you select an informative topic for them. Consider the age groups of your audience and think if that topic would interest them? Are you going to be choosing an informative topic for an audience of college students who are pursuing a carreer in science, engineering and technology, artificial intelligence and robotics or are they students of arts and humanities? think about the topics that will hold their attention. What kind of issues do these college students face every day? Or something around those lines is sure to help.


Here is a list some good informative speech topics.

  1. Setting goals for self-improvement
  2. Role of Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day lives
  3. Machine Learning
  4. How did Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian become celebrities?
  5. One day aboard the International Space Station
  6. Big data-what is it and how should it be protected?
  7. Right to privacy. Has it changed today?
  8. Who is the most popular president of the United States of America & why?
  9. How can students balance their college and personal lives?
  10. Single parenthood
  11. Abortion
  12. Responsibility to parents
  13. Managing relationships-how important is it?
  14. Do casting couches exist in Hollywood?
  15. Pre-marital sex
  16. Difference between 'hard working' and 'hardly working'
  17. Learning to face failures and becoming more successful
  18. My responsibility to the society
  19. It is okay to reach out or help
  20. Leveraging technology to solve problems
  21. Smartphones-blessing or curse?
  22. Legacy of Nelson Mandela
  23. Martin Luther King
  24. Abraham Lincoln-what we did not know about him
  25. How to get an on-campus job
  26. How to be successful
  27. Failures are stepping stones to success
  28. Do we really need cars?
  29. Transportation in the next century
  30. Colonizing Mars & other planets
  31. Life after earth
  32. Evolution or Creation?
  33. Policing outer space
  34. Space tourism
  35. Human trafficking
  36. Modern Slavery
  37. Should prostitution be legalized?
  38. How to get back to college after dropping out?
  39. Should the current system of education change?
  40. How to prevent pregnancy
  41. How to remain fit?
  42. Pros and cons of online dating
  43. Tinder-A case study
  44. Being Gay
  45. Rent a womb
  46. How to overcome your greatest fear?
  47. Bermuda Triangle
  48. How to get help for your college homework or assignment?
  49. Benefits of modern education system


We have compiled a list of 49 best informative speech topics which you can use for your creative, persuasive and public speeches. If you need any help, feel free to drop us an email along with your question and our experts will be happy to answer them for you. We work 24/7, all days of the year and it is easy to get in touch with us-chat with us on our websit or drop us an email.


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informative speech topics assignment help


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informative speech topics for college


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informative speech topics for college

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informative speech topic homework help I was worried about my informative speech homework because I was just not prepared. But thanks to you, I was not only able to select a good topic for my speech but also prepared well and completed it as expected. Thank you!

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informative speech topic homework help So glad I found this website. Their expert listened to me carefully and made sure he had all the right information about my informative speech topic. Then I paid online to confirm my order. That was it! My fully completed informative speech was delivered to me in 3 days!

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